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This book contains a compilation of short stories related to what's called Baby Mama Drama, but it's not just about the mother of the baby. It is so much more. We review each dramatic story and offer possible causes for issues as well as solutions with hopes that it will help others to understand, to resolve, and to heal their similar situation


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    Baby Mama Drama is a phrase that has become synonymous with and typically makes us think about the drama caused by some out of control baby mama. You know … the mother of the baby or child. However, we like to think of it as all of the drama surrounding the situations where the parents and so many others around the children are caught up in arguments and differences of opinion.  Those others might include family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, affiliates, and even strangers. So, in essence, Baby Mama Drama (BMD) can involve an entire community of people. Once you look at it that way, you can begin to see how this BMD can touch so many lives.

    There are usually some complicated circumstances that cause this drama. Some of the common causes of drama are brought on by a breakup and the end of the dream or promise that was supposed to be. Also, drama happens sometimes because of cheating or some other form of dishonesty or playing games. The two could also have been in a situation where they just stopped getting along in the relationship and that same negative energy continued on after the break up. They still have to connect because of the kids and now struggle to have an effective co-parenting relationship.

    It could also be that baby mama or baby daddy did not want a kid and felt tricked or betrayed by the other, hoping the new kid would seal the deal in that relationship.
Because of this, they are forever blaming the other person for ruining their life, all the while, knowing the kid is here and must be taken care of. And also knowing that they
took part in the unprotected sex that resulted in the kid.


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